‘Vanderpump Rules' boss gets honest about show's future

‘Vanderpump Rules’ showrunner opens up about the question on season 12

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‘Vanderpump Rules boss gets honest about shows future
‘Vanderpump Rules’ boss gets honest about show’s future

After a recent three-part reunion, there is no official word on the next season 12. But, its showrunner Alex Baskin said the “show is not over.”

In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s executive opened up about the update on new season.

“No. No. Obviously there’s been a lot of speculation. People have written the show’s final chapter many times, and the show has continued.”

He continued, “So just because it’s a reflective moment that clearly marks the end of one chapter does not necessarily mean that it is the end of the show.”

Adding, “You see there is still a lot of fertile ground and developments in their lives, so I think it would be very premature that just because we really close the book on Scandoval in a lot of ways, because it was this moment that sort of blew up everything and that extended into the next season, does not mean necessarily that the show is over.