Timothee Chalamet makes 'desperate' plea to Kylie Jenner

Timothee Chalamet and Kylie Jenner began dating in 2023

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Timothee Chalamet makes 'desperate' plea to Kylie Jenner

Timothee Chalamet has encouraged Kylie Jenner to "not listen to any outside noise" amid her family's concerns about their relationship.

An insider spilled to DailyMail that the Wonka star has made it clear to the reality star that she is “very important to him.”

"Kylie's sisters' concerns over her relationship are mostly falling on deaf ears because Kylie sees the true Timothee,” the source said.

"He has made it clear that Kylie is very important to him and he would like for her to not listen to any outside noise, even if it comes from her own family, because he is being as genuine in his intentions with the relationship as possible. He loves her,” the tipster continued.

Earlier this year, another insider revealed to People, that Kylie and Timothee both are “real with each other” and "push each other to be better people."

"They're both real with each other and things have been easy and fun. Timothee reminds Kylie to live in a very 'present' way, and she really likes that about him,” the source explained.

"They both push each other to be better people and that's a constant thing in their relationship,” an insider told the outlet.

For those unversed, Kylie began dating Timothee in 2023.