Sabrina Carpenter gives 'Espresso' a 'sweet' twist

Sabrina Carpenter decided to launch an initiative inspired from her latest single, 'Espresso'

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Sabrina Carpenter gives 'Espresso' a 'sweet' twist

Sabrina Carpenter just took on a rather “sweet” approach as she promoted her rather popular, recently released single, Espresso.

The single’s concept, which Carpenter released in April 2024, would now be hitting the markets in the form of the sweet dessert, ice-cream!

She took to her official Instagram account to announce the exciting news via her Stories, in collaboration with Van Leeuwen to launch an espresso flavoured ice-cream.

The picture showed the Feather hit-maker holding a blue carton of ice-cream that had her photo from the cover art of Espresso. "Available starting JUNE 28th!!!!!" Carpenter wrote over the snap.

Another picture in her Instagram Stories featured the open carton, showing the chocolate-swirled ice cream.

"It is that sweet," Carpenter captioned the second photo, set to the tune of her song's lyrics:

"Now he's thinkin' 'bout me every night, oh/Is it that sweet? I guess so," she sings in the song.

"Say you can't sleep, baby, I know/That's that me, espresso."

Even though Van Leeuwen has not officially announced or launched the product yet, however the initiate might just be Sabrina Carpenter’s next step after the success of her song.