Blake Lively assures audience will 'love' film 'It Ends With Us'

Blake Lively starred in the movie, 'It Ends With Us' which is expected to be released on August 9. 2024

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Blake Lively assures audience will 'love' film 'It Ends With Us' 

Blake Lively just reassured everyone that her upcoming film, It Ends With Us, an adaptation of the novel of the same name, would be as good as the book.

The actress opened the Book Bonanza in Grapevine with the author, Colleen Hoover and co-star, Brandon Skelnar.

During a conversation which was moderated by Entertainment Tonight, Lively spoke of the project, saying whether the audience read the book first or saw the movie first, they're bound to like both.

"If you read the book first, I really genuinely believe, and I don't normally promise this, but I believe that you'll love this movie," Lively said of the movie in contrast to the 2016 bestselling novel.

"And then if you see the movie first and then you read the book, you'll love the book. And I think that that's that's the goal of it and I hope that we can accomplish that," she further stated.

As Blake Lively explained how every small detail needs to be taken under consideration while making an adaptation, she stated, "When you're making a movie, there's all these elements and there's just so many factors...”