Bianca Censori dominates Kanye West in the latest outing?

Expert believes Ye's Bianca Censori shows signs of domination in the recent stepping out of the pair

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Bianca Censori dominates Kanye West in the latest outing?

It was widely believed in Bianca Censori and Kanye West's relationship, the latter is dominant. But, a body-language expert believes the Yeezy architect also has her moments of taking charge.

Judi James, a renowned expert, analyzed the latest outing of the pair in Tokyo's Ginza Six mall, where they were on a shopping spree.

Expectedly, the Melbourne-native stepped out in a daring outfit while her better half opted for a usual white athleisure wear.

Though Judi said the dynamics between them seems "almost balanced" but she noted the change in power visible when the 29-year-old appear to dominate at the exiting of the mall.

Earlier, a relationship expert Louella Alderson weighs in on the pair's equation explaining to The Mirror, "Given that they met when Bianca worked for Yeezy, their relationship started off as a professional one and it's possible that some of those dynamics have carried over into their personal relationship."

Putting their relationship away from normal romantic ones, she said. "There may be a level of formality and structure in their interactions, as opposed to the more relaxed and intimate dynamic that is often associated with romantic relationship."