Kevin Costner keeps 'Yellowstone' return hopes alive

Kevin Costner teases he might return to 'Yellowstone' if the story clicks to him

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Kevin Costner keeps 'Yellowstone' return hopes alive

Amid the exit of Kevin Costner from Yellowstone, he delighted his fans, teasing he might return to the show in future.

During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the Oscar winner was asked how likely it is that he would return to the Western drama. "Yeah, if I liked the story, where it was going, I would go back," he said.

In the wake of the speculations that the actor was at odds with the Yellowstone shooting schedule because he was working on his movie Horizon—Kevin said, "I did everything that I was contracted to do with 'Yellowstone.'"

However, it appears the issue with the Paramount show-makers stemmed from the timing conflict.

"Somewhere along the line, they wanted to change things," he noted, pointing to the western noir shooting.

"They wanted to do 5A and 5B… affected 'Horizon.' I was going to do my movie 'Horizon' and leave that show, do my movie, then do B."

He continued, "A show I was only doing once a year, I was now doing twice."

Kevin, meanwhile, has focused his attention on the upcoming first part of the four-saga Western drama Horizon: An American Saga, which is set to release on June 28.