'Bridgerton' boss teases juicy details about main character development

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Photo: 'Bridgerton' boss teases juicy details about main character development

Jess Brownell, who is Netflix Bridgerton showrunner, addressed the sexuality of Eloise Bridgerton in a new interview.

Speaking to TV Line, Jess shared, “We’ve talked about Eloise in the room a lot about the fact that to a lot of people, she does read as queer, and I totally understand why.”

She went on to explain that Eloise’s, played by Claudia Jessie, lack of proclivity towards romance is a major factor as to why people question her sexuality.

“But we felt it’s really important to hold space in this show where everyone is obsessed with romance for there to be a character – specifically a female character – for whom that is not the priority,” she added.

Jess went on to reveal that the idea “is not that Eloise just needs to meet someone of the right gender but that, in fact, she is genuinely more interested in cerebral pursuits at this moment”.

She even remarked before moving on to a new discussion that Claudia’s character “is on a path of finding her place in a society that doesn’t make a lot of room for women who care more about ideas than they do love”.