Shannen Doherty calls out ex-husband for making her suffer

Shannen Doherty opens up about her issues with her ex-husband Kurt Iswarienko related to spousal support

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Shannen Doherty calls out ex-husband for making her suffer

Cancer-stricken Shannen Doherty is taking a shot at ex-husband Kurt Iswarienko for delaying the spousal support at a time when her monthly income dips amid the expiry of Charmed's streaming rights and ongoing cancer battle.

People scan the court documents which laid bare the dispute in which the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress claims her ex-hubby is delaying the issue by not giving information to his financial matter, according to People.

The 53-year-old alleges he is purposely prolonging the matter to see her death as a result of her breast cancer—which she was diagnosed with in 2015—so he would be free of any responsibility

“It is simply not right that Kurt be permitted to prolong our divorce in hopes that I die before he is required to pay me while he continues to live his life and shirk his responsibilities to his dying wife of more than 11 years,” the veteran actor argues.

However, the photographer's lawyers shot back, claiming Shannen rejected a settlement deal last year, proving her insincerity about settling the matter amid the ongoing divorce proceedings .

“Kurt is not ‘simply wait[ing] for Shannen to die,’” lawyer Katherine Heersema noted. 

“He wants the best for Shannen, and he wants both of them to be able to put this case behind them and move forward.”

Shannen meanwhile shared her reason for dismissing the offered deal, which was that they “skirted around the issues of his original works created during the marriage” and “his earning capacity.”

Shannen and Kurt first came close in 2008 and tied the knot after three years in 2011. But after over a decade of living together, the pair parted ways in 2023.