Austin Butler makes shock admission about Tom Hardy

Austin Butler disclosed interesting details about his work experience alongside Tom Hardy

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Photo: Austin Butler makes shock admission about Tom Hardy

Austin Butler was seemingly left if awe of Tom Hardy’s “intense” acting skills in new gig.

For those unversed, Austin and Tom star together in new flick The Bikeriders, which is Danny Lyons' 1967 photobook of the same name.

On Thursday, the Dune: Part 2 alum sat with Jodie Comer for a Q&A session in New York, and referred a particular scene that has left a lasting impression on his memory.

Austin started off the discussion by reflecting, “That scene, what's interesting about that scene was was never written like that, and when we got there on set and just blocked out the scene he said '’right Tom you'll be sitting on the bike there and Austin will come up on the crutch and you'll stand six feet apart for that scene.'”

For those unversed, Tom Hardy plays the role of a gang leader named Johnny in this money whereas the Elvis star portrays the character of a young biker Benny in the film revolving around The Vandals, motorcycle gang.

“We did it once like that, and then Tom walks up and gets as close as he does, and that's the proximity you don't normally get in your everyday life unless someone's going to kiss you!” the acting sensation recalled.

The 32-year-old also addressed, “So, and he's an intense guy. and so he's holding that tension and Jeff talked about it because I couldn’t' see the shot.”

Wrapping up the discussion, he told the outlet, “They're moving the camera and realising he's getting closer and closer, and then Tom his brilliance cocks his head at one point and it just hit perfectly so you could see his face.”