Jason George anticipates reunion with 'Grey's Anatomy' ‘family'

The actor played the role of doctor who turned a firefighter, Ben Warren in the series

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Jason George anticipates reunion with Grey’s Anatomy ‘family’
Jason George anticipates reunion with Grey’s Anatomy ‘family’

Jason George is all excited to reunite with the Grey’s Anatomy ‘family’

On June 23, at the Motion Picture and Television Fund NextGen Summer Party, the 52-year-old actor talked with People magazine about his return to ABC’s medical drama.

He revealed that his comeback came following the end of Station 19 and its cast was ‘heartbroken’ as the series is going to conclude with season 7.

George said to the outlet of the Station 19 finale, “But I mean I just feel blessed that they gave us the opportunity to actually land that plane the right way.”

He went on to say, “And also selfishly... Normally you're not told in time to be able to make the story land the right way, and you're also not told in time so you can schedule things out.”

Moreover, he noted that the series's finale and final scene have already been shot along with “a series wrap party”

“(We) have all our emotions that (last shoot) day. And then the next day we had the wrap party.”

After the filming of Station 19, George met the Grey’s Anatomy showrunner, Meg Marinis who said to him that she felt like there’s “still a Ben story left to tell.”

“I'm excited,” George mentioned to the publisher while talking about his return to the series.

It is pertinent to mention that George will return as a series regular to the hit ABC medical drama in its upcoming season 21.