Monday Mar 25, 2013

Nawaz Sharif promises ‘economic explosion’

MANSEHRA: The president of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Monday vowed an economic explosion in the country if his party was elected to the helms of the state in the polls to come, Geo News reported.

"Just like the nuclear blasts, conducted in our last tenure, made us an atomic power, an economic explosion in our next term will turn the country into a commercial powerhouse", Mian Nawaz Shairf said addressing a massive rally here.

PML-N blasted off its election campaign with a large public meeting in Mansehra on Monday.

Addressing an enthusiastic crowd Sharif deplored that antagonists always cut his tenures in power short, adding by doing so they only multiplied the miseries of the masses of Pakistan.

Sharif said had he been given at least ten years in power he would have changed the destiny of Pakistan for good.

“I was not allowed to govern for more than two years, yet the motorway was constructed and Pakistan became nuclear power."

The PML-N president also pledged a motorway from Karachi to Lahore if PML-N was voted into the government.

“Masses should beware of those conjurers who are trying to lead them down the garden path. The countrymen must not let themselves be fooled by those tricksters and use the power of vote wisely,” Sharif said.

Nawaz Sharif warned that if PML-N was not elected this time around , the loadshedding, terrorism, and economic crisis would become Pakistan’s hallmarks.

Speaking on the formation of a Hazara province, Sharif said he would be happy if a province was formed however there should also be a revolution in the lives of people.