Sheikh Rasheed promises to upgrade 32 railway stations

August 20,2018

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet has taken a zero tolerance policy towards corruption, says railways minister


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RAWALPINDI: Minister of Railways Sheikh Rasheed announced on Monday his plan to upgrade 32 railways stations across Pakistan during his tenure.

Rasheed, who was sworn in a railways minister earlier in the day, said that the railway stations of Margalla and Chaklala will be upgraded on an urgent basis.

He further remarked that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet has taken a zero tolerance policy towards corruption. “We will not tolerate one percent corruption in the railways department," he said while addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi.

The Awami Muslim League chief also put forth an ambitious plan to reform the railways department with salient features including building 5,000 quarters for department employees, generating 20,000 jobs, upgrading railways’ hospitals and doubling the track with investment from China Pakistan Economic Corridor and planting trees on both sides of the railway track.

“We will also build plazas and food streets near railway stations,” he shared, adding that the department will make efforts to claim the railways land which has been grabbed by the mafia.

He further added, “We have to improve the online booking system and introduce the e-ticketing system. We will do our best to improve the ride for the poor.”

Railway department has a debt of Rs37 billion, Sheikh Rasheed remarked, adding that he will work towards reducing this amount.

The retired railways' employees get pensions worth Rs30 billion, he claimed.

"I am a different Sheikh Rasheed, the nation will see," he added.

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