Karachi woman dies of delayed treatment after private hospital allegedly demands Rs500,000

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January 26, 2021

Brother claims hospital in Karachi told him to pay Rs15,000 when he decided to take injured sister to another medical facility

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KARACHI: A young woman brought to a private hospital's emergency ward here in Pakistan's southern port city died after the facility's management allegedly demanded Rs500,000 as advance payment before even administering first aid to her.

The victim, Nazia, was severely wounded after her dupatta, or scarf, got stuck in a moving motorcycle's tyre, her father said, adding that her brother immediately took her to a well-known hospital in Sachal Goth in critical condition but the facility, instead of providing medical assistance, demanded he first deposits Rs500,000 asadvance payment.

According to Nazia's brother, the hospital staffrefused treatment without a Rs300,000deposit even after he told the administration he had come in an emergency and did not have the money at that moment.

He further claimed that when he decided to take his injuredsister to another medical facility after not receiving medical treatment for an hour, the hospital handed him a bill of Rs15,000, saying he could "only leave after paying the sum."

Nazia subsequently died due to a delay in her treatment although she was later taken to the trauma centre of Karachi's Ruth K. M. Pfau Civil Hospital, where doctors said she could have "survived if had she been given timely medical attention."

The latest incident is indicative of the fact that some private hospitals seem to be disregarding the Sindh government's Injured Persons Compulsory Medical Treatment (Amal Umer) Bill, 2019.

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