PTA clarifies misconception about collecting tax on mobile devices

January 24, 2022

PTA only provides technical support, while taxes and duties collected in process are applied by FBR, says PTA

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Logo of the Pakistani Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Photo: PTA

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Monday clarified the increase in taxes and duties on the registration of cellular mobile devices and handsets.

In a series of tweets, PTA clarified the misconception about the so-called “PTA Tax” and wrote: “PTA is offering its Device Identifications and Registration Database (DIRBS) system for mobile device registration, without any charges for the facilitation of general public."

The telecommunication authority further clarified the tax collecting process and stated that it had nothing to do with the tax collecting procedure.

“PTA only provides technical support in the form of DIRBS through which applicants can register their mobile devices for use within Pakistan.” Telecom authority clarified.

PTA stated that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is solely responsible for collecting taxes across the country.

“The taxes and duties collected in the process are applied by FBR and directly deposited with the FBR,” the telecommunication authority stated.

PTA also shared its website URL for further information in connection with the taxes.

“For current applicable taxes and duties on registrations of different devices, the applicant can visit FBR site at:, added the PTA statement.

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