Bianca Censori makes Kanye West look ‘silly’ with ‘foolish’ fashion choices

Expert weighs in on Bianca Censori’s odd attires during her appearances with husband Kanye West

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

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Bianca Censori makes her husband, Kanye West, appear “silly” by her odd fashion choices that are “not particularly flattering.”

Despite Kanye West hiring most influential designers to dress up his bride, it does not come out the way the rapper imagines, claimed an expert.

Weighing in on Bianca’s controversial outfits since she tied the knot with Kanye, Stylist Amanda Sanders said that the Praise God hitmaker has not achieved his desired results.

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She then referred to Kanye’s exes, Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox, who were two of the biggest fashion icons, while noting how Bianca failed to compete with them.

Speaking with The Sun, she said, “For Bianca, there is no rhyme or reason to any of her fashion choices. She has made odd choices, that are not particularly flattering, cool, or sophisticated.”

“Kanye does have endless money so she could certainly be expressive in what she is wearing and have a wide choice - whatever the message is that she has been trying to get out.

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Sanders claimed, that no matter what Kanye and Bianca wanted to achieve, the producer's fashion profile crashed.

“Everything has become so rehearsed with Bianca," the expert claimed, adding, “They know that they are on camera. So sometimes it is just to stand out.”

“The only issue is that Bianca looks foolish. Kanye has this elitist mentality that could be the president and can solve any problem in the world."

“Now Bianca turns up with the soft toy deer bag, and it brings all that crashing down. This is all making Kanye look pretty silly.”