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Thursday Jan 14, 2016
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British-Pakistani MP Imran Hussain appointed DFID Shadow Minister

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British-Pakistani MP Imran Hussain appointed DFID Shadow Minister

By Murtaza Ali Shah

LONDON: British Pakistani parliamentarian from Bradford East Imran Hussain has been appointed Shadow Minister of State for International Development (DFID) by the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

A statement from the Labour party on Thursday said that Imran Hussain has been appointed “following a dramatic increase in refugee crises around the world”.

Hussain was the Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, Diane Abbott. In a move by Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn to expand Labour’s Shadow International Development Team he has been appointed to the position of Shadow Minister of State for International Development.

Speaking to Geo News, Imran Hussain welcomed his appointment and said that he will work hard to deliver and to ensure that the money of British taxpayers is spent rightly and reaches to the most deserving. He said that the UK spends a huge amount on international development and in his new role he will ensure that “the government is held accountable for each and every penny”.

He added: “I will make sure that that aid given to Pakistan reaches to the poorest and the most deserving. Pakistan needs our support and I will ask the government to increase aid to Pakistan but we will scrutinise how this aid is spent and why it must be spent rightly. My appointment is also an acknowledgement of the hard work and role of the British Pakistani community by the Labour leadership. It’s important to highlight that Labour party appreciates the role of our community while the government remains disillusioned and disconnected.”

Speaking on the appointment, Imran Hussain MP, Member of Parliament for Bradford East, said: “The act of increasing the size of Labour’s Shadow International Development Team shows just how significant the issue of international development is to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, particularly following the acceptance of the Sustainable Development Goals and the ongoing global refugee crisis.

“And I am of course extremely thankful to Jeremy for appointing me to this important position and looking forward to the task at hand. I will be putting forward ideas, along with the rest of the Shadow International Development Team, on how we can help the poorest people in the world, how we can help refugees fleeing war, persecution and climate change, and how we can ensure that human rights are respected and upheld around the world.”

Imran Hussain said that he will never compromise his stance on the issue of Indian occupied Kashmir and will continue to speak against the barbaric actions of Indian forces against the people of Kashmir.

“I will continue to call for the right of self determination of the people of Kashmir. I will continue to expose India’s dark face in the British parliament and at all other available platforms. I call on the world to take notice of the barbaric actions of Indian government against the people of Kashmir who want freedom and right to a decent life.”

The Shadow International Development Team is responsible for scrutinizing the work of the Department for International Development (DfID) which was established by the last Labour Government and was instrumental in negotiating the Millennium Development Goals.

Although the full responsibilities of the role are yet to be announced, it is expected that it will heavily involve working to resolve the numerous refugee crises around the world caused by conflict, persecution and climate change, as well as focusing on human rights.

Imran Hussain MP praised Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and said that he had introduced new standards of righteousness in politics.

“He is a hugely popular figure amongst the Labour voters just because he is honest and believes in principles. He is a sincere man who wants to work for the welfare of all, not just a few.”

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