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Wednesday Jan 11, 2017

Blog: The importance of volunteering in society

Blog: The importance of volunteering in society

Society plays an important part in a person's life. From the day of their birth till the day the die, surroundings influence a person's behaviour and actions. It affects them both physically and mentally. It helps in honing their behaviour and character. 

For this reason, giving back to the community is extremely necessary. The favours that society has given to us should be returned in a positive way. We usually complain about the problems that our surroundings are victim of. But why not look at the underprivileged people in our surrounding and observe what we have that they don't. Then we can try to pass that on to them so they can live a better life.

Working for your society is a great way to bring a positive factor to the community. A person could work for the community by offering voluntary services, or work in a department of the community to support your surrounding in a good way. Even though being financially successful makes it easier to give back to the community, I see people who are just getting by volunteering and getting involved in more of the grunt work to make the community successful. They may not have the financially means to give money to every organization, but they make up for it in the other volunteer acts that they do. They put in their time and knowledge to provide to the society. There are many ways in which people can benefit the area they live in. One of the most important things that can be done include the education of a child. The child of the maid or servant at your house can be taught by you if you have the time. Through their volunteering, we are able to keep businesses alive, like the local movie theater that is run by all volunteers. 

Another way to benefit the community you live in is to convince others to bring about change. Cleanliness drives and garbage collection activities are exceptionally beneficial. Cleanliness competitions can be held to promote environmental friendship. 

Initiatives can be taken for the government and local authorities to help push the society to prosperity. Adults may have filed complaints and notices about the community's problems to the related authorities, but the effort wasn't heard or ignored. But imagine a group of 20 children going and filing a complaint. It will have a greater effect. It may not solve the problem, but it may at least be given attention to. This is how children like us can try to work for our community.  

Articles can be written to increase awareness among people about their societies and the importance of the community's effects on both adults and children. These can be used as a medium to communicate to or rally people to a cause such as understanding the necessity of a positive environment. 

The results of taking such steps and initiatives will not only benefit your surroundings. The positive effect that it will have can cause the next generation to have a positive mindset. It can motivate others to do the same in order to make sure that their children grow up in a positive community. It will give a person the leadership skills needed in life to take charge. It is not necessary to be an adult to work for the community. Being a kid gives you a huge advantage. These types of initiatives and steps can help a person to get admissions in the best educational institutions and ensure a better life for them and their families. Also, children like me that don't earn can be of help to the community by using their time and knowledge for its betterment.



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