Sunday Apr 23, 2017

Police arrests fake faith healer for selling child in Muzaffargarh

MUZAFFARGARH: Police on Sunday arrested a woman, claiming to be a faith healer, and her husband for selling a four-month-old child in Muzaffargarh. The doctor and his wife who bought the child were also arrested.   

The parents of the child told the media they had taken their son to the faith healer in Jhuggi Wala area of Muzaffargarh, where the fake faith healer kept the child inside a room for two hours. After that, they said, she told the parents the child had died. The parents said she had administered an injection to the child after which he fell unconscious.

However, she asked them to bring a calf so that she could do something to bring the child back to life.

But the parents informed the police, who acted on the complaint and arrested the woman, her husband and another person. An investigation was started into the case.

Fake faith healers are nothing new; spread countrywide, they con gullible people in the name of 'spiritual' treatment, depriving their victims of either their money or life.

A few weeks ago, a fake faith healer in Sargodha tortured over 20 people to death over fears they would 'poison' him. It was later revealed the man had feared they would not let him take over as in-charge of a shrine in the area, where he was the custodian and the people he had killed were his followers.