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Monday Jul 17 2017
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Loudmouth fan invited by Clijsters on court to auction skirt for charity

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Fan shares happy moments on Wimbledon court after being invited by Clijsters. Photo: BBC

The fan who rose to fame overnight after being invited onto the Wimbledon court by tennis star Kim Clijsters is planning to auction the skirt she gave him for charity.

Chris Quinn, a father of three from Wicklow, Ireland, was brought onto the court after he shouted advice to the four-time Grand Slam winner that she should make a “body serve”.

In the hilarious few minutes that followed, Clijsters, who was playing in the Ladies’ Invitation Doubles, invited the man to join her.

But there was one tiny problem: Wimbledon’s strict code requires that every player wear all-white and Quinn was clearly in breach of the rules. So Clijsters resolved the situation by taking out a spare white skirt from her tennis bag and tried to pull it over the fan, just as she collapsed laughing onto the court.

Quinn later took to Twitter to thank Clijsters for “making him a bigger hero” to his three daughters who are big fans of the Belgian star.

Clijsters graciously replied, saying it was nice meeting him.

Quinn kept the skirt she gave him and will put it up for auction to raise money for charity.


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