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Thursday Sep 14 2017

PCB hopeful of a full-fledged series at home next year

LAHORE: Following the remarkable return of international cricket to Pakistan with World XI team in the country for a three-match series, the PCB is hopeful of at least one full fledge tour by a team next year.

PCB’s chairman Najam Sethi told media in Lahore that the visit by World XI team is an ice-breaking event for Pakistan and it will lead to more teams visiting the country.

“We hope that by this time next year there will be a full-fledged tour by at least one member country and in the absence of that, we will go back to the ICC in order to push this process and I have no doubt in my mind that we expect full support from the ICC,” he said.

Sethi further added that in an attempt to gain confidence of international teams on the security of Pakistan, the PCB has employed a FICA and ICC backed security company.

“The idea of having a 3-year contract with a security company approved by the ICC and by FICA the aim is to ensure either and/or the ICC or other foreign teams continue to come to Pakistan,” he added.

The chairman PCB added that this tour by the ICC World XI may not be a high revenue generating event for Pakistan due to security and production related costs.

“This tour is going to lose money because security considerations’ have been enormous. Even as we speak the Punjab government has been saying we owe them so much money and so on. We are saying law and order is your issue but nonetheless prod costs are going up,” he added.

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