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Sunday Sep 17 2017

Ambidextrous Yasir Jan wants switch hit type relaxation from ICC

LAHORE: Pakistan's unique bowling talent, an ambidextrous bowler, Yasir Jan has demanded that ICC should allow ambidextrous bowlers to surprise batsmen by changing arms without warning, just like it has allowed the switch hit law.

Yasir, a unique and probably the only ambidextrous fast bowler, was spotted by PSL franchise Lahore Qalandars during the first edition of its Rising Stars Program last year.

The bowler, who can bowl with both arms at almost the same speed, was earlier sent by the franchise to the UK for a six-week training stint at MCC.

Jan told in Lahore that the stint at MCC helped him a lot and he had enhanced his skills during the training session with top players.

"It has been a great experience for me, the coaches there have worked really hard with me and I believe that I'm am a much-improved bowler now," he said.

"I want to thank Lahore Qalandars for giving me this opportunity," Yasir Jan said.

Yasir also had the opportunity to bowl against England and West Indies players during the stint which - according to him - has helped him get more experience.

"I got to meet with top players like Moeen Ali, Alistair Cook, Jason Holder and Joe Root. They gave me tips and guided me to work hard on fitness," he said.

"They were also surprised and shocked to see my ability when I bowled to them in the nets. I was encouraged to see all top players appreciating my efforts," Yasir said.

Jan has now set his eyes on surprising batsmen facing him in competitive cricket with the next edition of PSL in his sights.

"I am aiming to play the Pakistan Super League, if I get a chance there then I will surely play my part in making my team win matches," he aimed.

But Yasir wants ICC and MCC to make amendments in the rules to encourage ambidextrous bowlers like him and allow them to use this ability to surprise batsmen.

"Just like they have allowed switch hit for batsmen, they should also allow ambidextrous bowlers to use their ability. If a right-handed batsman can play left-handed shot then I should be allowed to run with the ball in right hand and deliver it from the left hand," he said.

He, however, showed confidence that even with the present laws for bowlers, he can surprise batsmen facing him.

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