Protest lodged with Swiss envoy over anti-Pak ad campaign

Zarghoon Shah

ISLAMABAD: The Swiss Ambassador to Pakistan, Thomas Kolly, was summoned by the Foreign Office in Islamabad on Monday, to lodge a protest over an anti-Pakistan advertisement campaign in Geneva.

Pakistan has said that Switzerland should not let its territory be used against another sovereign country and such acts are against international law. 

Drawing the attention of the Swiss Government to the issue, Pakistan's Permanent Mission to United Nations at Geneva demanded the Swiss government to take strict actions against those involved in the campaign.

Ambassador Farukh Amil, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations (UN), in a letter has requested the Swiss authorities to take action against those using Swiss soil to further the propaganda against Pakistan.

Amil, in the letter, wrote that the posters used in the campaign have been sponsored by an organisation called Balochistan House and added that Balochistan Liberation Army is behind the act. 

He further said that Pakistan, the United Kingdom and other countries have declared the BLA as a terrorist organisation and the US State Department has termed the activities of the group as terrorist acts. 

"BLA and Balochistan House's leadership has committed many crimes against security forces and civilians in Pakistan," said the letter. 

Amil demanded that investigations should be conducted to ensure that the propaganda is blocked permanently. He expressed hope that the Swiss authorities will proceed against the local accomplices of the BLA, who lend support to the terrorist group.