Woman chases down, beats up robbers in Rawalpindi

One robber flees after a failed purse snatching while the other is caught and thrashed by the woman


RAWALPINDI: A womanfrom Rawalpindi chased down two robbers after their failed attempt to snatch her bag in the remits of the New Town Police Station Thursday afternoon.

In the CCTV video of the incident, it can be seen that two robbers, riding a motorcycle, attempt to snatch the purse of woman, who’s walking along the road with a partner, but fail to do so.

After the failed attempt, the robbers’ motorcycle skids and they both fall to the ground.

The woman, seizing the opportunity, dashes towards the robbers and starts battering them.

One of the suspects manages to make a run for it after which the woman turns around and sets her eyes on the remaining robber.

As the woman is physically assaulting the robber, passersby begin to gather and intervene, taking a hold of the robber.

Though the woman has not yet been identified yet, social media users have appreciated her bravery.