Monday Jan 22 2018

Neither caught Naqeebullah nor investigated him, claims Rao Anwar


KARACHI: Former Malir SSP Rao Anwar, accused of the extrajudicial killing of Naqeebullah, on Monday evening claimed that he neither caught Naqeebullah nor investigated him.

He also claimed that he was informed of the Waziristan native's encounter and investigation had revealed that he was involved criminal activities. 

Anwar also claimed that he neither caught Naqeebullah nor investigated him, adding that he had recorded his statement on the first day of the inquiry being formed. 

The former SSP is facing an inquiry into the extrajudicial murder of Waziristan native Naqeebullah Mehsud.

A committee formed to probe the killing of Naqeebullah found the 27-year-old innocent. It termed Anwar’s allegations against Naqeebullah baseless. In its report, the committee also stated that there was no proof that Naqeebullah was a terrorist.

Anwar said he was not making enemies on purpose and an impression was created overnight that he had caught and killed the Waziristan native. 

Anwar said he was fighting Pakistan's war and it should not be confused as Rao's war. He further said that the country would suffer harm if the war on terror is stopped. 

Anwar further claimed that the residents of Malir district like him and pray for him. 

Anwar announced earlier that he will not appear before the probe team, claiming that he is facing a one-sided inquiry.

Anwar failed to appear before the probe committee and Inspector General Police Sindh AD Khawaja today.

While referring to the probe committee, he said there was no point in going where there was no hope for justice.

Anwar alleged that a malicious campaign against him was being perpetuated and dismissed the allegation that he unlawfully held people under his custody.