Solidarity with Kashmiris in Brussels

Protest held in Belgium against Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir

Khalid Hameed Farooqi

BRUSSELS: A candlelight vigil was organized on Sunday in the capital of Belgium on the eve of Kashmir Solidarity Day.

The event was organized by Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU) in order to express solidarity with people of Kashmir suffering from crimes committed by Indian occupation forces for the last seven decades.

A large number of people from all walks of life showed their interest in the event held close to Brussels’ Trone Metro station situated near the Belgium Prime Minister House.

Holding various placards, the organizers and volunteers of Kashmir Council EU headed by the council’s Chairman Ali Raza Syed were actively engaged throughout the program. By condemning the genocide of Kashmiris committed by Indian Occupation forces, the participants also paid great tribute to the brave people of the valley.

Speakers of the event including chairman Kashmir Council said we will continue our support to the people of Kashmir till suitable resolution of the dispute. People of Kashmir are struggling peacefully for the right to self-determination which was promised by the international community.

Speakers pointed out large-scale human rights violations are being committed by these occupation forces and deployment of 800,000 Indian troops in Kashmir is a proof of occupation. Indian authorities are involved in smashing the movement of Kashmir by use of brutal force and atrocities.

The speakers also condemned violence against innocent people and detention of leaders and political workers in Indian occupied Kashmir.

They said Kashmiri people will continue their struggle for freedom from Indian occupation. India cannot forcefully hold the state of Jammu and Kashmir for a long time. They also urged European Union to play its role in the peaceful resolution of the issue.