British-Pakistani businessmen hail decision to make Shehbaz PML-N president

Group of two dozen business figures term the decision a right step for continuation of Pakistan's progress

Wadood Mushtaq

LONDON: The decision to make Shehbaz Sharif president of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has been welcomed by a group of British-Pakistani businessmen, which hailed it as a right step for the continuation of Pakistan's progress.

In a meeting here in Hounslow, the group of Pakistani businessmen led by Tarab Raja said that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif is a ray of hope for the deprived and downtrodden people of Pakistan. The traders said that Nawaz Sharif’s decision is wise and much needed in the current situation.

Around two dozen businessmen attended the meeting and said that they had invested in Punjab after seeing that Shehbaz was carrying out the kind of work, unheard or unseen anywhere else in Pakistan.

Raja said the Punjab CM has done extraordinary work and has made the difference during his tenure, which is acknowledged by the whole world. The London mayor and American ambassadors have paid glowing tributes to Shehbaz for his development work in the province and have called him a 21st-century genuine leader, he said.

He said that after becoming the PML-N president, Shehbaz Sharif will reinvigorate the people of Pakistan, adding that the Punjab CM is capable of bringing the change he brought in Punjab to the whole of Pakistan.

Raja further stated that the PMLN has been standing strong on the back of real work done by the Punjab CM. “He has made Punjab into a model province. Punjab looks different from other parts such as KP and Sindh, where progress has only been made through slogans and social media. In Punjab, the progress in infrastructure can be seen the moment people enter the province. Lahore has been turned into a showcase of progress and cultural transformation.”

He said the PML-N looks all set to emerge as the single largest party in Pakistan, adding that, if given a chance, Shehbaz Sharif can bring Pakistan in the line with developed countries of the world.

Muhammad Tariq, a property tycoon in the UK, said that he invested in health sector in Punjab, impressed by the reforms undertaken during the last four years. “We are fully confident that our investment will grow for the betterment of commoners of the country and Shehbaz Sharif has given us that confidence,” he said.

Najam Qureshi, Shahzad Chaudhary and other participants of the meeting showed their concern upon prevailing political situation in Pakistan. They said that Pakistan needs direction, control and management in all sectors and elements involved in detsabilising the system must be thwarted.

They said that Pakistan faced instability and international humiliation, in the wake of Nawaz’s ouster on the basis of Iqama.

The participants said it's important that the good work being done by Nawaz Sharif is continued and only Shehbaz Sharif can do that, for he has a vast experience in implementing development projects.

The meeting decided that a delegation of young British-Pakistani businessmen will leave for Pakistan soon to meet the new PML-N president, in order to hand him over concrete proposals for further development in the country.