Saturday Mar 24 2018

PM calls for new Senate chairman, says Sanjrani holds no respect


LAHORE: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Saturday urged the members of the opposition to jointly nominate a new Senate chairman.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of first ever CCV cable and Aluminium Alloy Plant at Sundur Industrial Area in Lahore, Prime Minister Abbasi said alleged that the recently elected Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani holds no respect as votes in his favour were bought.

The prime minister, however, stressed that the matter should be resolved amicably to avoid disgrace.

“The Senate chairman also serves as the acting president and it is a disgrace to the country that a man who bought votes became the leader of the upper house. Can there be any respect for the country after that?” he said. 

Abbasi also remarked that there exists no possibility of a judicial coup or imposition of martial law in Pakistan.

Democracy will continue to prosper in the country, he stressed, adding that the people will elect a new government in the upcoming General Elections.

The PM further said that the present government has carried out historic work in different spheres, including infrastructure development and energy.

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government has added ten thousand megawatts of electricity to the system and started projects which will meet future energy requirements of the country, he said. 

He shared that he was confident that the development of infrastructure will give further impetus to bringing investment in the country. He said the economy is expected to grow by five point six percent this year while for the next year our target is six percent.

No one can end Nawaz’s political career: Abbasi 

The prime minister had remarked that no one can put an end to the political career of former premier Nawaz Sharif.

“No one has been able to do it before nor will they be able to do it now,” remarked PM Abbasi in an interview with a private news channel.

Nawaz was previously convicted in a highjacking case, he said, adding that the former premier was even termed a ‘highjacker’.

Over the Supreme Court’s verdict which led to Nawaz’s disqualification as the president of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, the PM said that after the verdict the party decided that Nawaz will be the ‘Quaid’ [leader] while his brother Shehbaz Sharif was elected president.

“Decisions have also been made after holding discussions with party members,” he shared, adding that Nawaz’s opinion holds considerable value while making party decisions.

On February 27, the Central Working Committee of the PML-N met at the Sharif family residence in Model Town Lahore and elected former prime minister Nawaz Sharif as lifetime Quaid (leader) of the party.

The CWC meeting was held after Nawaz Sharif was disqualified as the PML-N president following the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Elections Act 2017 case. The apex court ruled that a person disqualified under Article 62 and 63 cannot serve as the head of a political party. 

Furthermore, the premier dismissed the chatter about Nawaz going to jail as mere speculation. “Nawaz has been to prison before. He can give party policy from prison as well. People have won elections while being imprisoned.”

Nawaz even managed to run the party even during the tenure of former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, he added.