Margalla Hills fire doused

Pakistan Armed Forces, Cabinet Divison worked alongside NDMA to extinguish the fire


ISLAMABAD: National Disaster Management Authority said that the fire which erupted in Kalanger village situated at Margall hills has been extinguished, Geo News reported Saturday morning. 

The NDMA chairperson thanked Pakistan Armed Forces and Cabinet Division for their cooperation to douse the fire. 

"Due to the efforts of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Airforce and Cabinet Division no casualty was reported during the fire," the NDMA chairperson said. 

The fire had broken out on Friday evening. Capital Development Authority had shared that at least a 100 firefighters and as many as 150 members of other authorities took part in the operation. 

A contingent of the army had reached the site earlier in the evening. 

Four helicopters of the army and Pakistan Air Force were used to extinguish the fire by using Bambi buckets.