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Thursday Jun 07 2018

People in power responsible for water crisis: CJP

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar. Photo: File  

ISLAMABAD: People in power are responsible for water crisis as they only ask for vote and do not provide basic necessities to the public, remarked Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar on Thursday.

While hearing a suo motu notice on water crisis, the chief justice observed that government did not do anything during the last two years to ensure steady supply of water.

He questioned the government’s performance and asked if they prioritised water crisis and arrange for any funds to fill the gaps.

The chief justice observed that water along with minerals worth billions was being wasted in the country. “I feel like begging for charity to construct dams and pay off debt,” he said while expressing anger on the matter.

The additional attorney general, who was present at the hearing, spoke about water crisis in Islamabad, saying the federal capital needed 120 million gallons of water but was being supplied less than half its demand – 58.7 million gallons.

He said the rural areas on the other hand were not receiving water at all.

To this, the chief justice said that after Karachi, Islamabad was in need of tankers.

Moreover, the top judge remarked that water was not flowing into Simly Dam due to failed policies.

Also present at the hearing, the officials of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad said no money was spent on water supply schemes after 1960. They further said that there was no choice but to channel water from Tarbela Dam.

The chief justice observed that practical steps were needed to solve the water crisis.

He therefore sought recommendations on water policy within 10 days and adjourned the hearing. 

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