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Tuesday Jun 19 2018

Another video emerges of bus hostess' harassment


KARACHI: While the issue of a bus hostesses’ brutal killing in Faisalabad was still fresh in the public’s mind, a new video emerged which shows a security guard harassing a bus hostess.

In the video, the security guard can be seen trying to misbehave with the bus hostess, who later slapped the female upon resistance.

A man can be seen trying to reason out with the guard in the video, which has gone viral on the social media.

Few days ago, a video emerged which showed a security guard misbehaving with an 18-year-old bus hostess. Upon slight resistance, the guard mercilessly shot the girl, who could be seen taking her last breath in the CCTV footage.

Mother of Mehwish, the deceased bus hostess, said that her daughter is not in the latest video.

Mehwish’s alleged killer Omar Daraz is in the four-day remand under police custody. During investigation, the suspect confessed to his crime and said that he wanted to marry Mehwish and shot her upon refusal.

Police has taken into custody the murder weapon. 

On June 16, Geo News had obtained the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the murder which occurred on Sargodha Road.

The video showed that Mehwish was approached by the guard when she was getting ready to go home from work, whence he cornered her on a stairwell in a street and held her at gunpoint. He is seen to have exchanged some words with her, right after which he opened fire on her, killing her instantly.

The suspect attempted to escape the scene of the crime but other employees at the bus stand caught him and handed him over to police.