Monday, June 25, 2018

Dar seen avoiding journalists' queries in London

Reporters surround the former finance minister outside the Harley Street Clinic in London


LONDON: Former finance minister Ishaq Dar was seen avoiding a barrage of questions aimed at him by newsmen in London on Monday.

Journalists surrounded the former finance minister as he left the Harley Street Clinic in London on Monday.

One of the newsmen asked Dar that he was ailing, yet continued roaming outside. To which, he replied that he was ill and he knew it.

As soon as the former minister sat inside his car, the newsmen also drew their microphones inside. Dar, who was angry yet smiling, made every effort to drive the microphones away.

"When will you return to Pakistan?" another reporter asked Dar amid his efforts to duck the questions.

He replied: "I will return whenever my health improved."

"But you appear to be fine; you would also have received [medical] reports?" came another query from one of the scribes surrounding him.

Dar, while attempting to close the door of his vehicle, responded to the question: "Yes, I have received the reports."

"What is there in the reports?" he was inquired.

"I have sent those reports," the ex-minister said before he drove away.