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Friday Jul 13 2018

Political analysts weigh in on Nawaz, Maryam return

Nawaz Sharif, (right) Maryam Nawaz (left). Photo: File

LAHORE: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz arrived in Pakistan on Friday, a week after the two were sentenced in the Avenfield reference.

Following their arrival, Nawaz and Maryam were arrested by a National Accountability Bureau (NAB) team present at the Allama Iqbal International Airport and flown to Islamabad via a special plane. 

Prior to the arrival and arrest, anaylsts weighed in on Nawaz and Maryam's return to the country. 

Hafeez Ullah Niazi

The police action against the PML-N politicians and workers has further aggravated the situation. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry in his press conference expressed reservation that the caretaker provincial government is not rightly addressing the prevailing situation.

The PML-N leaders have not issued any threat to anyone. Ayaz Sadiq had to react, the party workers would have been demoralized if the leadership had not condemned the state action against them.

The party has already benefitted from the state's reaction. I have met the worker on street, they will give sleepless nights to many tonight. 

Hamid Mir

Shehbaz Sharif and other PML-N leaders are leading the rally from a container. When in government he used to say that container politics is detrimental for Pakistan but today he is following the same politics.

Symbols matter in politics, it would have been better if he had taken a truck to lead the party workers to airport.

The party is following the same tactics used by Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri. Shehbaz Sharif stopped the PTI/PAT protestors through containers, today the same containers are being used to stop Shehbaz.

The constitution allows freedom of speech and freedom of movement under Article 15, 16 and 19.

Its unfortunate that the restriction on freedom of movement is carried out under the caretaker provincial government of Dr Hasan Askari, the professor who has written books on civil liberties and rule of law. 

I think rather than Nawaz's return, the Mastung suicide blast is more important. But unfortunately, no one is considering it important. 

Irshad Bhatti

If the constitution allows people to welcome convicted criminal then there should be no restriction by the authorities, but do remember that it’s a very dangerous trend they are setting. Today they are raising their concerns over the restrictions it seems that they have forgotten what they did in Model Town.

Its very hilarious to see Shehbaz saying that Nawaz is returning to save Pakistan, will his return waive off state’s loans?

The political class across the board is an opportunist of the highest order. Over 70 people have been martyred. And here in Punjab no one is concerned about them. 

Mazhar Abbas

There is no second opinion that Nawaz and Maryam will be jailed. We can find some friction between party workers and police personnel. According to reports he will be jailed in Adiala. Prison is nothing new for Nawaz, he has been there before.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has given a very mature statement today. PTI has directed its workers to not give any reaction. But the leaders have to adopt a civil demeanour.


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