Facebook partners with ECP to assist voters for General Election 2018

The social media platform is helping Pakistani users in accessing their voting information

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Social media platform Facebook is now helping voters in Pakistan identify their constituencies and make sure their votes are registered. 

Over 33 million Pakistanis actively use the platform, according to an estimate. 

In collaboration with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the social media platform that hosts over 2.19 billion users across the world, is notifying users in Pakistan to ensure their votes are registered through a pop up in their news feed. 

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“Are you registered to vote? Text your CNIC to 8300 to make sure that you’re registered to vote in the election. SMS fees may apply,” reads the notice.

Clicking on the pop up redirects you to the ECP's website where additional information about the electoral process is available for the assistance of voters.

Earlier this month, Facebook had collaborated with the federal body to ensure the safety of users during the election season.

Guide: How to vote on July 25?

Step 1: When you arrive at your designated polling booth or station, between 8am and 6pm, a polling officer will check your national identity card. Please make sure you are carrying the original one and not a copy. Once, the officer identifies your serial number and name, as listed in his/her electoral roll, your name will be crossed out and your thumb marked with indelible ink.

Step 2: The officer will take your thumb impression on a counterfoil of the ballot paper. Thereafter, the assistant presiding officer will stamp the paper for the national (green) and provincial assembly (white) constituencies and sign it.

Step 3: Once you are cleared to go into the polling booth/station, that is when you will cast your vote. Please make sure you mark clearly and firmly on the symbol of the candidate you support.

Step 4: Drop the green coloured ballot paper in the box with a green lid and white paper in the box with a white lid. That’s it! You are done exercising your right to vote.

Further instructions

· Other documents, besides the CNIC, will not be accepted.

· Polling officers are instructed to give priority to pregnant women, the disabled, senior and transgender citizens.

· Ensure you cast your vote in complete privacy.

· Mobile phones and cameras are not allowed in the polling stations.

· When the polling time ends (6pm), only those voters inside the polling station will be allowed to continue voting.