Sahebzada Jahangir not a convict or fraudster, investigation shows

A detailed report on Sahibzada Jahangir shows that he has served as director of six companies

Murtaza Ali Shah
Wadood Mushtaq

LONDON: Prime Minister Imran Khan’s friend of three decades Sahibzada Jahangir Wednesday declined to take the portfolio of “Special Assistant on Foreign Investment” after fake news spread through social media alleging that PTI’s UK leader was a convict and fraudster.

After the allegations spread through media, Sahibzada Jahangir announced his decision not to take the post: “I am honoured for Pakistan PM trust in me as SAPM for Foreign Investments. It is an honorary assignment. I would take no salary or benefits. However, in view of fake allegations & media propaganda to malign my character & dignity, it will affect my performance to work to attract foreign investments. I cannot permit any controversy or problem for my Prime Minister, therefore, I have decided to voluntarily withdraw from the assignment.”

A detailed report on Sahibzada Jahangir – who has been known to Imran Khan as ‘Chico Jahangir’ or ‘Chiku Jahangir’ – shows that he has served as director of six companies – all those companies dissolved from 1970 to 2013 but the Companies House record doesn’t show anywhere that Sahibzada Jahangir has ever been involved in fraud, corrupt practices or convicted for any crime.

Sahibzada Jahangir told Geo News that Zameen Publishing company (UK) Limited was dissolved under reference number 03109663. Another Company Cupola UK Limited was dissolved under reference number 03109645; the company’s assets were 66.4K and liabilities: £2,000. Another company The Website Construction Limited was established in April 2000 and dissolved under reference number 03966518. The company had no assets but liabilities were £135.00.

Sahibzada Jahangir also established a company in the name of Prime Minister of Pakistan and chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The Companies House shows that “The Imran Khan Secretariat” was dissolved.

Speaking to Geo News, Sahibzada Jahangir rejected reports on social media and said he has done clean business all his life. The Prime Minister’s Adviser said that he was director of Monza, Zameen, Cupola, Majorlogic but “I was just employee of these companies, I got salary as Director but has no share. How can I bankrupt a company when I am not its shareholder?”

Sahibzada Jahangir said that he was late on paying utility bills but it’s because there was a lapse as things transferred to his name after his wife passed away in 2011.

Sahibzada Jahangir is the elder brother of Fauzia Kasuri. Imran Khan has known him for more than three decades. It was at Jahangir’s house that Imran Khan’s marriage with Jemima Goldsmith was celebrated soon after their nikkah.

Sahibzada Jahangir has been Imran Khan’s Adviser on Foreign Investment for KP govt but it’s understood that no investment was taken to Pakistan in any shape in four years. Two years ago he was appointed to oversee all of the PTI organisations in Europe and the UK. His two sons work as investment bankers in London.