Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Police curious about mysterious stabbings of Karachi father-son duo

Police said murders occurred at 7AM and that father, a 65-year-old PhD scholar, and 22-year-old son were sleeping when they were attacked by knives

KARACHI: Police remain curious about the mysterious deaths of a father-son duo who were found dead recently by a family member at their residence near the Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine in the metropolis' Clifton area.

According to Karachi police, the man's wife — and the mother of the deceased boy — had gone out for a walk and returned to find both her husband and her son dead in the room.

The senior superintendent of police (SSP) for District South, Sheeraz Nazeer, and SSP of Investigation for the same district, Tariq Razzak Dharejo, visited the crime scene.

Dharejo told media that the murders occurred at 7AM and that both the father, a 65-year-old PhD scholar, and his 22-year-old son were at home, sleeping in their bedrooms. They were attacked by knives.

Nazeer said the deceased were stabbed to death. Initial investigation, however, does not indicate that the incident was a dacoity, he added, noting that the son had returned from the United States to Karachi a few days ago.

Police have collected footage from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the vicinity as well as other samples from the crime scene, he said.