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Thursday Nov 07 2019

Chilgoza heist: Robbers steal 23 sacks of pine nuts worth Rs12m

A unique heist took place in South Waziristan when robbers, instead of stealing cash or gold, escaped with 23 sacks of chilgoza (pine nuts), worth Rs12m million in total.

According to the Wana Bazaar trader, at least 11 robbers broke into his shop and took the guard, as well as the workers present in the warehouse, hostage. They, then, made away with 23 sacks of chilgoza.

Pine nuts, at present, cost Rs8,000 a kilo, while peeled ones are priced at Rs14,000 a kilo.

Speaking to Geo News, a shopkeeper said: “If you divide the total pine nuts in one kilogramme by 8,000, it shows the price of a single pine nut at Rs400.”

It’s astonishing to see that something smaller than an inch is worth so much.