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Wednesday Dec 04 2019
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Film director Sarmad Khoosat all praises for the 'phenomenon' that is Saba Qamar

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Actress Saba Qamar (left) and Sarmad Khoosat. Photo: Instagram

It is known news that Sarmad Khoosat is going to release two films in the coming months. One is called Zindagi Tamasha that was recently screened at the Busan International Film Festival 2019 and is expected to hit cinemas in Pakistan soon.

The second film, titled Kamli, stars Saba Qamar in a lead role and is presently being shot.

Sarmad Khoosat, who is writer and director of the upcoming film, recently shared a heart-warming picture from the sets of Kamli with Saba, and is all praises for the latter.

“There are actors who are super talented. There are actors who are beautiful. There are actors who are super professional. And then you put all of that in one actor and some more of all of these have Saba Qamar,” he wrote on his social media.

He added, “She is a PHENOMENON! Aik he piece hai aisa. Koi aur shaakh nahii hai inki (there is only one piece like her, there are no branches).”

Khoosat mentioned that one thing Saba is wrong about is that he doesn’t like being photographed with her. Though this is not right, the condition is that he should look one quarter of how good she looks in ALL her photos.

“My immodest confession: she makes me look quite nice in this photo; a real sneak peak from the sets of Kamli,” he concluded.