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Wednesday Dec 11 2019

Rap makes school a lot easier

Faisalabad’s government teacher made school a whole lot easier for students as he wrote a rap for biology, chemistry and history.

May it be arteries, cytoplasm and heart in biology or elements, molecules and matter in chemistry or evolution of life, incidents and facts of history, the rap includes all.

The teacher Michael Nazeer wrote the rap to help students who faced trouble memorising their course.

“I saw that many students could learn a two-page long rap but, could not get through with the syllabus so I penned these lyrics,” he said.

A student named Mathew Chris who had gone viral after singing the rap has now gained prominence in his school.

“I could not learn science so my teacher gave me a rap song and now I am scoring better at school,” he said.

The students keep humming and singing the song in school and on their way home.