KP cabinet likely to be reshuffled: report

PTI leader claims important decisions regarding cabinet to be made by PM Imran on Saturday

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PESHAWAR: The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has decided to reshuffle Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa cabinet, sources told The News on Friday.

“In the first phase, some portfolios of the provincial ministers and advisors to the chief minister are likely to be changed," the sources were quoted as saying by The News

"In the second phase, if they don’t deliver, they would be ousted from the cabinet and new people would be given the opportunity to serve,” a senior PTI leader in Peshawar said. 

According to the PTI leader, who chose to remain anonymous, Prime Minister Imran Khan had already consulted close aides in the party regarding the performance of the cabinet ministers. 

"The prime minister has many tasks to do, but he is well aware of the people in his party and their activities in KP and Punjab governments. He is the first prime minister who can be reached by senior and junior party activists,” said the PTI leader.

Although the names of the ministers who are under the scanner were not revealed by the PTI leader, he did add that the prime minister had never received any positive news about health and education departments.

“It is no more a secret that whatever was achieved by our previous PTI government in the health and education sectors had now been wasted," he claimed. 

"I personally know a lot of time was given to some of the ministers to improve their performance by ensuring merit and transparency in selection of key positions and transfers,” added the party leader.

Originally published in The News