Saturday Jan 18 2020
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'People eat more bread in Nov and Dec': Sheikh Rashid's bizzare logic for wheat price hike

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Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid on Saturday gave a bizarre explanation for the recent wheat shortage and price hike in the country.

“In December and November, people eat more bread than usual,” the minister said at a press conference. 

“It’s not a joke, a study backs my claims,” he replied when reporters burst into laughter after his peculiar explanation.

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Rashid also admitted that the prices of wheat, electricity, and gas had surged in the country. Defending it, the minister said, “People should give a year and a half more to the Imran Khan-led government.”

Wheat prices skyrocket across Pakistan  

Flour prices have skyrocketed across the country in recent days, selling for as high as Rs62 per kilogram at several retail stores.

The price of the flour has increased by five rupees in just the last week due to a shortage of wheat supply. “Fine flour is available for Rs62/kg while the price of mill flour increased by five to six rupees and is being sold between Rs 62/kg to Rs70/kg,” the president of the flour retailers association told Geo News.

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In Karachi, a sack of flour is being sold for Rs500.

In some parts of the city, a bag of 10kg flour which cost Rs450 before the crisis is now being sold for Rs700 after an increase of Rs250.

In Lahore, the Punjab Flour Mill Association increased the price of flour by Rs6 per kg, after which it is now being sold at Rs70 per kg across the province.