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Tuesday Feb 11 2020

Bilawal says since PTI came into power every sector is troubled


ISLAMABAD: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto said on Tuesday that since PTI came into power, every sector has been facing troubles.

Bilawal was addressing a session of the parliament called to discuss the inflationary situation in the country. He began his address by criticising senior ministers of the government for not attending the important session.

"The empty seats tell you how much importance the government attaches to such an important issue," he said. "The technology minister and postal services minister is here. But these are 'chota' ministers," he added.

"Bilawal sahab, minister minister hota hai," said Speaker Asad Qaiser, prompting laughs from the treasury benches.

The PPP chairman continued with his address,saying that the PTI turned the situation from bad to worse. He said that inflation was peaking in the country and statistics from state institutions confirmed this.

"The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, State Bank of Pakistan and the FBR are confirming this [economic situation getting worse]," he said. "These are the facts, Mr Speaker. These are not political statements."

He accused the government of compromising on "economic independence" in front of the IMF, saying that he remembered how PM Imran used to say in the past that corruption caused inflation in the country.

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"The prime minister should tell us about the corruption taking place in the country," he said. "Or he should accept that we say. That he is inept, incapable and selected, and will have to go home to provide relief to the masses," he added.

'Shameless government' trying to sabotage BISP

The PPP chairman lashed out at the federal government for revoking the Benazir Income Support Programme for 900,000 beneficaries.

"In these circumstances, when the government is kicking out 900,000 beneficiaries, history will remember them," he said.

Bilawal lashed out at the PTI's political allies in Sindh, saying that they were involved in "removing Benazir Bhutto's name" from the BISP after the many favours she had bestowed on them in the past.

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"She [Benazir] made someone's sister a senator and made someone the speaker," he said, criticising the PTI's allies in Sindh for siding with the government and ditching the PPP.