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Friday Apr 03 2020
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Sarah Hyland ‘gagged’ over how she and Wells Adams began dating

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Sarah Hyland ‘gagged’ over how she and Wells Adams began dating. Photo: Insider

Sarah Hyland’s relationship with Wells Adams has been a fairytale moment since the beginning. Many dream of reaching out to their celebrity crush but Sarah is one of the lucky few who succeeded.

However, during a conversation with Cosmopolitan, Sarah admitted that when she looks back at how she and Wells got together, she cannot help but to ‘gag’ at it.

For the unversed, Sarah and Wells got together after Sarah fired out a number of tweets about Wells during season 12 of The Bachelorette.

After Wells saw her tweets regarding his extensive reading lit, he DM’d her. Eventually those DM’s turned to texts, then voice notes and finally, the pair decided to go on a date after a successful FaceTime. Sarah considers it “the most millennial thing in the entire world. I kind of want to gag at it.”

From the beginning, their relationship ran at a fast paced rhythm, before even defining their relationship, Sarah had to undergo a second kidney transplant soon after their second date and during her recuperation time, Wells would fly all the way from Nashville to L.A in order to spend the weekend with her.

Fast forward a month from then, Sarah admitted that she was already in love and they are now “talking about what kinds of weddings we wanted four days after we made things official.” She referred to the ‘when you know, you know’ cliché to explain their connection, admitting, “It’s so [expletive] true. At least it was for me.”