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Thursday Apr 30 2020

Facebook introduces new emoji to express support amid COVID-19 crisis

Facebook introduced a new ‘care emoji’ for its 2.6 billion users to express support and empathy during coronavirus crisis.

The care emoji, that’s what the company calls it, is intended as shorthand to show caring and solidarity when commenting on a status update, message, photo or video during the calamity. There’s a yellow face hugging a heart for the basic Facebook service, while in Messenger app it appears as a pulsating, purplish heart.

“Even apart, we are in this together,” read Facebook's official message.

To insert a reaction, users hold down the Like button on mobile apps or hover over the Like button on the desktop version of the site to see the reaction-emoji options.

Facebook is also working to connect people to accurate information from health experts and keeping harmful misinformation about the COVID-19 from spreading on their related apps.

“We’ve now directed over 2 billion people to resources from the WHO and other health authorities through our COVID-19 Information Center and pop-ups on Facebook and Instagram with over 350 million people clicking through to learn more,” read the company’s website.

For future, Facebook is also planning to share some additional steps to combat COVID-19 related misinformation and make sure people have the accurate information they need to stay safe.