Sunday Jun 14 2020

New algorithm shows alarming number of COVID-19 deaths in Pakistan by August 10

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ISLAMABAD: A new algorithm created by Imperial College London has created an alarming picture that shows Pakistan will reach its coronavirus peak on August 10, 2020, the day when the country will record almost 79,000 deaths.

The research, which is sponsored by the government of UK, shows the projected deaths from coronavirus in case of a lockdown or otherwise in different countries, except the US and the UK. According to the website, if Pakistan imposes 32% lockdown from February 27 to July 11, i.e. for 135 days, then August 4 will be the peak day with 13,570,000 people affected.

Photo: Imperial College London

The worst day for Pakistan concerning deaths from coronavirus is expected to be August 10 with deaths projected to reach 78,515 after which there will be a decrease.

The website says January 2021 will witness an end to coronavirus in Pakistan and on January 26, 2021, the death toll from the virus in the country will stand at 2,132,617.

However, if no lockdown was imposed in the country then 2,229,000 deaths will occur in Pakistan by January 26, 2021. If a complete lockdown is imposed in Pakistan immediately, then the death toll may be restricted to about 10,200 by the end period.

Photo: Imperial College London 

In India, total deaths by January 25, 2021, would be 14,244,379 without intervention, while with intervention it would be 13,649,520

In Afghanistan, total deaths by February 19, 2021, would be 313,531 without intervention. While with intervention, the figure would be 305,350.

In Brazil, total deaths by January 24, 2021, without intervention would be 2,926,348 and with intervention to be 1,519,453.

The figures given by the Imperial College are just a simulation and not a prediction.

Originally published in The News