time Tuesday Jul 28 2020
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China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal to discuss setting up fast track channel

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According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson, the countries have also discussed to resume the cross-border flow of people in an orderly manner when certain conditions are met. Photo Courtesy: APP

China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal have concurred to resume the cross-border flow of people and have brought under discussion the setting up of fast track and green channel to facilitate each other’s nationals, the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday.

While pertaining to a question regarding the video conference on COVID-19 between foreign ministers of China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal during a briefing held in Beijing, the Chinese official said: “We will resume the cross-border flow of people in an orderly manner when certain conditions are met and discuss and we will discuss setting up of fast track and green channel."

Providing the details, he said, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had hosted this foreign ministers meeting between the four countries on COVID-19 yesterday. This meeting was initiated by China and supported by Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal.

"The four parties exchanged views and reached consensus on joint fight against COVID-19 and resuming economic and social development, the spokesperson said, adding that as partners and neighbours, the four countries have reached fruitful outcomes including timely sharing of information and the joint fight against the pandemic.

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Wang Wenbin emphasised that in face of tackling the pandemic crisis, all parties should strengthen joint prevention and control, uphold citizen's health, promote the resumption of work and production, facilitate trans-border trade, ensure people’s livelihood until the four countries attain triumph over the virus.

“We believe solidarity and the cooperation is the most powerful weapon,” he said, adding: “We should adhere to the multilateralism and community welfare with the shared future for mankind, support World Health Organisation’s leading role and uphold to regional and global public health security.”

Underscoring that four parties should strengthen information, communication, policy coordination, and cooperation in action, Wenbin said: “We stand ready to work with other parties in terms of testing diagnosis, treatment, and research of vaccine and medicine. Moreover, we will assist the three countries in improving their capacity building of public health."

Reiterating that after the vaccine is deployed, it will become a global public good and improve the accessibility of these countries, he apprised that the four countries appreciate the effort in this regard and said they are ready to strengthen cooperation with China.

The four countries, he said, will also reach standard operation procedure (SOP) for border control, information sharing, academic prevention, and emergency response.

“We agreed to strengthen Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) cooperation to boost economic and social recovery besides upholding stability, supply, and industrial chain," he added.