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Tuesday Oct 27 2020
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Rare on-camera outburst: Fawad Alam loses his cool to harmless question

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Middle order batsman Fawad Alam speaking to the media. Photo: File 

Pakistani batsman Fawad Alam, normally known for his calm demeanour and ability to keep his cool, lost his cool when asked a harmless question  by a Geo News reporter, and became increasingly confrontational.

"You always score big [in domestic cricket] but recently you got a chance as well [in international cricket] but the way you perform in domestic cricket ... the same fire was missing in Tests," posited the Karachi-based reporter before posing the question.

"What was the reason for that? Is it that after such a long time away from international cricket, you have become limited to a domestic-level player? Is there something amiss?"

During the narration of the question, Fawad's body language had given away that he was unimpressed by the question asked.

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"Are you saying that I've become limited to domestic cricket?" he quickly shot back.

The Geo News reporter repeatedly clarified that the question posed was not his personal opinion but a growing perception - the presence of which can be found on social media.

"First, you clarify whether the people are saying that or are you?" the cricketer demanded.

A few exchanges later, a PCB official intervened to calm the situation.

It is pertinent to mention here that Fawad, arguably Pakistan's greatest and most successful batsman in domestic cricket, had been inexplicably shelved for almost 10 years by a host of coaches, chief selectors and captains.

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The decade-long snub finally ended this year when he was given a chance on the tour of England in the face of intense criticism from public as well as media personnel from his home town.

Unfortunately, he did not live up to the sky-high expectations in his sole Test in England, getting out for a duck in one outing and scoring a mere 21 in the other innings.