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Wednesday Oct 28 2020

Sheikhupura woman says men wearing police uniforms raped her

An image that shows a woman being subjected to abuse. Photo: file

SHEIKHUPURA: A woman has accused four persons of raping her, alleging that two of them were wearing police uniforms.

Police said a case has been registered against the suspects after a medical examination of the woman was conducted, adding that two persons have been arrested for the crime.

The two suspects arrested are not police officers, say Sheikhupura police.

According to the complaint, the victim was traveling on a motorcycle with her neighbour on Wednesday when when they were stopped by four persons traveling in a car.

Two of the suspects were wearing police uniforms, stated the victim in the FIR. She said that the persons wearing the police uniforms and their accomplices raped her.

She alleged that the suspects even gave their numbers to her. Responding to the heinous crime, DPO Sheikhupura said that a police team was sent to the woman as soon as she called to report the incident at 1:00 am.

Suspects were traced with the help of the phone numbers provided in the FIR, said police.