Tuesday Jan 12 2021
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Sindh's gas reserves to only last 12 years: energy minister

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Sindh's energy minister Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh. — Photo courtesy Twitter

Sindh's energy minister Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh on Tuesday said that the province only has enough gas reserves to last 12 years, adding that the oil reserves are also gradually declining.

He claimed that Sindh's gas was being "plundered" and Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited is being supplied gas through Sindh's pipelines.

Responding to various written and supplementary questions of members during Question Hour on Energy Department in the Sindh Assembly, Imtiaz Sheikh said that "gas will only be available in Sindh for another 12 to 15 years".

He said the situation with oil is comparatively better with reserves for 15 to 20 years.

Gas crisis hits Pakistan as govt halts supply to power, export sector

Sheikh said that the matter of regulation of oil and gas reserves lies with the federation. According to the Constitution, the province from which the gas originates has the first right to use it.

"We also wrote letters to the federal ministers. No attention is being paid to any article of the Constitution," he said.

The energy minister said that Sindh has 2,600 million cubic feet daily gas. "We say give us our gas [first]. Whatever is left, give it to whomever wants it. Citizens are worried and the chief minister has written to the prime minister about this. We are tired of telling the federation again and again," he said.

Sheikh added: "We don't care what the previous government did. Now the present federal government has the power. So it is your responsibility to solve the problems of the people."

Criticizing the federal government for the power outage on Sunday night, he said the country was plunged into darkness "and only a 16th grade officer was suspended".