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Monday Jan 18 2021
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Hareem Shah assaults Mufti Qavi over 'inappropriate statements'

Web Desk

  • Slapped Mufti Qavi for inappropriate comments, says Hareem Shah
  • Don't know why Hareem Shah slapped me, says Mufti Qavi

The social media is abuzz over a viral video of TikToker Hareem Shah slapping Ruet-e-Hilal Committee member Mufti Abdul Qavi.

In the video, the Mufti can be seen sitting on a bed, engrossed into mobile phone, when a woman, dressed in red, startles him by slapping him across the face.

Talking to Samaa Tv, Hareem Shah confirmed that the woman in the video was her. The TikToker claimed she was irked by inappropriate statements made by Mufti Qavi to her and her friend.

“I have no regrets. If men like him are punished, there will not be rapes in Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, the Mufti told Geo News that he and Shah were invited to shoot for a TV programme in Karachi. “I was using my mobile phone in the hotel room when she [Shah] suddenly came into the room and slapped me. She then left.”

The cleric claimed he was unaware why Shah slapped him.