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Saturday Apr 03 2021
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Karachi records highest April temperature since 1947

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  • On April 14, 1947, Karachi registered 44.4°C — the highest temperature in April. 
  • Today, the temperature was recorded at 43.6°C — the second highest in recorded history for the month.
  • The Met Office says humidity in Karachi was 6%.

The mercury in Karachi continues to rise every passing day, with today's peak temperature recorded one of the hottest in several decades.

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said Saturday the temperature recorded today in the port city was the second-highest for April since 1931.

The highest temperature for the month was recorded on April 14, 1947, at 44.4°C, and today, the highest temperature was recorded at 43.6°C. In April 2002, the third-highest temperature was registered at 43.4°C.

Earlier, the Met Office had said that apart from the rising temperature, the humidity in Karachi was 6%.

The highest temperatures across Sindh, on April 3, 2021. — RMCK   

PMD issues countrywide heatwave alert

On Tuesday, the PMD had issued a warning regarding the first heatwave of the season which was expected to hit many parts of the country during the current week.

Mainly hot and dry weather was expected during the week due to which heatwave conditions were likely to prevail in most plain areas of the country, according to the PMD.

Following the PMD's heatwave alert, the Sindh government had directed relevant authorities to take necessary precautions to avert loss of life.